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At Bedrock Security, frictionless data security means freedom to embrace cloud and GenAI data growth safely, without slowing your business down.

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Accurate Risk Assessment and Remediation

Start your data security journey - and confidently move beyond just visibility.

VISIBILITY Data Visibility

Understand your material data with AI reasoning and ensure cloud and GenAI compliance controls are enforced with out of the box compliance frameworks. 

Bedrock’s AI Reasoning Engine (AIR)


Bedrock’s behavioral analysis detects unusual activity

Data Security Without Compromise

Your data isn’t static—it’s growing, changing, and moving—making it critical for you to perform security assessments continuously.


DETECTIONData Detection and Response

Efficiently manage remediation and response, integrating behavior based anomaly detection, SIEM/SOAR integration, policy enforcement, and prioritization based on data context.

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Data Risk Surface Minimization

Mature security programs can frictionlessly enable business operations while effectively managing risk to the brand, revenue, and reputation of the organization. 


SURFACE Reducing Surface Exposure

Bedrock’s AIR helps organizations with data minimization, identity and access minimization, and data hardening.

Proactively reducing risk with Bedrock’s AIR

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Generative AI poses a unique data challenge because once data goes into a model, it’s challenging to control the output. Enterprises need assurances that GenAI models are compliant and secure, and that they will not divulge sensitive information. Bedrock’s ability to automatically learn what data is most material to the business and put boundaries between sensitive data and GenAI models is a game-changer. This capability reduces friction and enables us to safely and responsibly bring GenAI to customers faster.

Suha Can, CISO at Grammarly



I believe that effective security requires looking at the full lifecycle of how customer data is handled. This means getting accurate visibility, enabling data perimeters, and proactively reducing data risk. Bedrock’s innovation excites me and aligns with how I think about protecting data and managing risk effectively.

Mukund Sarma, Sr. Director Product Security, Fastest Growing US Fintech Co.



 Being able to look at a certain user and follow along on a map to see what that user can access, how they can access it, and where they can access it from in Bedrock’s platform was phenomenal, especially as somebody who was sitting here trying to do it manually. 

Andrew Kuhn,  Product Security Engineer, House Rx

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