Accurate Risk Assessment and Remediation


Data Security Without Compromise


Data Risk Surface Minimization




assess Accurate Risk Assessment and Remediation

Seeking compliance, responding to a breach, or just starting your data security journey? Bedrock Security's AI Reasoning Engine (AIR) enables accurate risk assessments, without relying on rules.

Use Case
Data Visibility & Movement

  1. Comprehensive data insights, including classification, lineage, and data maps/flows
  2. Data classification with Adaptive Sampling, works out of the box and accurately understands new data types and contexts
  3. Ready-to-use compliance verification and reports
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security Data Security Without Compromise

Continuous security assessments are critical due to ever-changing data and threats, necessitating reduced MTTD/R. Bedrock’s distributed serverless processing architecture achieves this with industry-leading OpEx efficiency.

Use Case

  1. Continuous monitoring and alerts for security and compliance violations
  2. Data usage analytics to detect real-time anomalous activities
  3. Trust Boundaries - a fast and automated data perimeter policy mechanism to define, alert and contain data policy violations
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minimizeData Risk Surface Minimization

Bedrock AIR's risk impact and analysis capability empowers security teams to safeguard brand and revenue by swiftly minimizing data access, eliminating stale data, and data hardening.

Use Case
Reducing Surface Exposure

  1. Find stale or ghost data fast and route to data owners for elimination
  2. Assess impact of identity access to ensure least privilege permissioning
  3. Harden data to reduce the impact of a breach
  4. IP Protection - click below for more

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